Preventing Further Episodes

Sometimes the best way to cure your headache is to prevent getting one in the first place.  Often, but not always, headaches are triggered by certain emotional or mental stress.  If you ignore these triggers, you may be allowing a terrible headache to progress. A diary will help you figure out what exactly is setting you off.  It's a good idea to keep a record of your daily meals, including times and hunger levels and amount of water or caffeine consumed. Activities performed or any situations you were in that triggered stress should also be recorded.  Everyday or night you get a headache record it and after a few weeks or months you may be able to identify your warning signs.

These are 5 situations where headaches are more likely to flourish:

When you miss a meal. A skipped meal can be a big trigger for some. Make sure you start your day off with breakfast and try to avoid added sugars like a bowl of cereal. Make regular meal times and bring some snacks with you where ever you go so that your blood sugar won't drop.  Some foods can be a migraine trigger.  Generally just eat healthy fresh plant based foods.

When you aren't sleeping. Not only is inadequate sleep a bad thing, but too much sleep can also be a trigger. Health Canada recommends 7 hours of sleep at night, but everyone is different.  Some people need 9 hours of sleep and will not feel rested with 7 hours. Try going to bed and waking up at the same times everyday.

When you are not drinking water. Your body is mostly water and as it turns out migraine sufferers are more sensitive to dehydration. How much water should you be drinking? Keep a drink near you at all times and when you take a sip and you feel like its too much then thats probably a good place to stop. In other words you will know.

When You're stressed. More stress makes you more susceptible to headaches. Stress is the number one factor. See why acupuncture is a great natural remedy for migraines.

When you've had too much alcohol. Red wine is a migraine trigger for some while Rye whisky is the drink that does it for others. A common element here is a large amount of alcohol has the ability to dehydrate your body.

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